Pre-Order 47Qt Techni Ice Signature Series Cooler - World's No.1 Ice Keeper *OCTOBER DISPATCH*


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Australia Winner - Best Ice Keeper “Choice”
New Zealand Winner - Best Ice Keeper “Consumer”
UK Winner - Best Ice Keeper “Practical Caravan and Practical Motorhome”

Customer Reviews
• “I was in the market for a rotomold cooler for my travel baseball team. With some reservation I ordered your 90q signature series with wheels. I could not be more pleased. I have a Yeti 65q as well so I decided to test them. After 7 days in the same conditions the Techniice had 50% better ice retention than the Yeti.Best cooler made period! Best price period!” Joey M. (TX, USA)
• “I have had 16 Eskis and here in Weipa Fare North Qld and this is by far the best” Mark G. (QLD)
• “2nd to none. This product is far superior to any other cooler in the U.S.A...#1” Roberto (Athens, TN, USA)

• “Thanks ordered a 63 qt, yours are the best, hands down period ,nothing else rates or compares.” P Baynard (California, USA)

• “I just wanted to say we are EXTREMELY happy with the esky we got last week, It was fantastic we were away for 5 days camping and came home back to cairns with the block of ice still solid! Thanks heaps.” Vicky & Ben W.
• “We used the cool box purchased from you for a week holiday in our VW campervan and it worked superbly. Very well made and cold. We are very pleased with the purchase.” Lewis M. (Oxon, UK)
• “Just as described, like it better than my yeti, thank you.” Ryan R. (Fayetteville, TN, USA)

• “This cooler is awesome! Works as well or better than my Yeti.” Tate J. (Georgetown, TX, USA)




16.9 x 26.4 x 18.1 Inch (W x L x H)
Internal 11.4 x 21.1 x 11.8 Inch (W x L x H)
Weight 24.3 lb

Never before has the world seen a cooler like this!!


ice cooler box

This 47Qt model has 2.8" walls & 3"lid (Yes you Read it Right !! 2.8" Walls) that is more than twice as thick as most polyethylene ice boxes, and much thicker than fiberglass coolers.

The huge lid and walls are injected under extreme pressure with highest quality high density multi compound PU insulation.

Twin padlock facility is also available for security.


The bung is a huge 2" diameter (about the size of a tow ball). This allows the box to be emptied quickly when leaving a camp site especially as there could be still many large chunks of ice left after weeks of camping that can be emptied through this bung.


This box incorporates a fully moulded and integrated hinge system designed to last for a life time even in commercial applications.


Dual Air Lock Seal System comprises one EVAS Seal plus a Fridge Gasket Seal. This system provides a perfect seal at virtually all ambient temperatures.

Air Circulation

4 sturdy feet are provided that allow 360 degree air circulation that provides a cool thermal air barrier under and around the box so the box can be put on hot metal ute trays, trailers or hot ground surfaces without effecting the performance of the box through rising heat under the box.


Dual Handles, Heavy duty reinforced nylon handles with comfortable hand grips plus comfortable recessed carry ledge handles in the top body of the box.

Tie Down Points

Tie down points are provided via the rope handles or the integrated points on the base of the box.

Fish Ruler

Integrated ruler on the top of the lid.

Basket and Dividers

The Signature Series is basket and divider compatible.


If you are in the market for the best ice box with outstanding ice keeping ability and structural strength this is the best there is. In nearly 30 years in this industry we have never seen anything in the world that comes close to this. Our new model is a True No. 1.

These hand finished boxes are likely to be in short supply for quite a while so if you want one we would highly recommend you place your order now to secure one from our first production which is pre selling fast.

White colour Ice Boxes keep ice up to 20% longer than coloured ones due to their ability to reflect more heat.

Did you know?

Techniice is the actual brand used by Department of Defence, CFA, SES, Police, Ambulance, Qantas, Air France, KLM, Dept of Primary industries, Royal Flying Doctor Service, McDonalds, Australian Navy, Air Force, Coles and thousands of other companies and  government departments worldwide that require the highest level of cold chain performance and reliability.



Size 47 Qt; WEIGHT : 24.3 lb
Base External Dimensions 16.9 x 26.4 inch ( W x L )
Dimensions (External/ Internal) 16.9 x 26.4 x 18.1 inch ( W x L x H ) 11.4 x 21.1 x 11.8 Inch (W x L x H)
Inner Casing FOOD GRADE LINER / 11.4 x 21.1 x 11.8 inch ( W x L x H )

Customer Reviews

  1. Quality! Durability! Effective Design Implementation! Review by JamesD71

    I have two of these Techniice coolers, the 47 QT and a slightly shorter length 37QT model. Both units exhibit superb quality in fit and finish, built to last with durable, non-degrading materials with no air or liquid leaks during use. The carry handle features are designed to protect your knuckles & provide a secure grip purchase. The woven / braided cord utilized for the handles' soft, flexible bail is like's really strong, wear resistant, and perfectly flexible. The units' design is sensible: maximizing space / footprint, legs minimizing direct contact with hot surfaces, unique double seal airlock system interface between body and lid, and a virtually snag-free system of recessed compressive latches and stowable lifting handles. The finishes inside and out appear hard & smooth. The insulated over-sized bung lets you drain the cooler box quickly.

    I'm holding this 47 QT unit in reserve for use at home here in Florida to preserve our expensive frozen foods that will be at risk if they remain in a powerless freezer during a hurricane induced power outage...or for carting iced drinks & cook-out supplies to a larger gathering of family or friends. The smaller 37QT model will be for trips and camping / hunting /beach scene. So far, I get 7 days keeping of frozen salt bottles (1/2 gal milk jugs, 20 oz soft drink bottles) in the 37 QT cooler...mostly within a 85F to 92F ambient environment. I couldn't be more pleased! Also, the Techniice reusable sheet ice units do very well scattered below , above, and among cooler contents as they, too, (even better than salt water bottles) can be frozen well below 0 F...check them out.

    I'm very happy with Techniice products and they are definitely more cost effective than most of the other high performance rotomolded PU insulated coolers (Engle, Yeti, Pelican, Orca, etc). (Posted on 10/22/2016)

  2. Techni ice 47L Review by CCTX Landman

    Purchased this unit to fit into my Excursion and not take up so much room. Two complaints: 1.0) This needs something other than the hole through the lid and cooler to lock down. You have to go through the lid and makes it very inconvenient to open and leaving it locked down, and 2) it needs some non-skid option on the bottom. Slickest cooler and will slide all over carpet in an SUV and slam again the side walls or rear door. Now, the good, One of the BEST coolers I have ever used. Holes a lot of material, simply the easiest and fastest to drain and extremely useful. I put some self gluing non skid pads on bottom and seems to be holding tight and now am very pleased with the performance. Just need a way to lock down without going through the lid. Would I buy again? Yes, most definitely! (Posted on 10/17/2016)


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