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Techniice Ice Box Coolers, Esky Brand Cooler Bags, Dry Ice Packs & Portable Car Fridge Freezers

Chilly bins in New Zealand, Ice Coolers & Ice Chest in the US, Ice Boxes in Australia, these are just some of the words people use to describe insulated containers that are used to keep your food and drinks cold. Established in 1984, Global National has been at the forefront of turning the humble icebox into a high performance ice keeping marvel capable of keeping ice up to several weeks. This flagship TECHNI ICE™ is now exporting ice boxes and Australian Made reusable Dry ice packs to more than 40 countries. TECHNI ICE™ Cold Chain Products are widely regarded as the best of the best Across the World. Techniice™ Ice Boxes, Reusable Dry Ice Packs, Portable Fridges are distributed through our own operations in Australia and America and through dealer networks and Joint venture operations throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Techniice™ Products are manufactured to the highest industry standards and continually evolve with the latest ice box and ice pack technology

Promotional Cooler Bags, Ice Boxes, Dry Ice Packs

TECHNI ICE™ Also offer end to end promotional merchandise solutions and offer a wide range of choice for custom branded Ice Boxes, Promotional Cooler Bags and Dry ice packs


Early ice boxes / coolers / chillybins / Ice chests were made from mostly metal and sometimes wood. The Early Esky brand Ice Boxes were made from galvanised sheet metal on the inside. A lot has changed since then. Techniice™ Chilly Bins / ice boxes / coolers / chests employ the best of modern technology, are made using commercial grade UV stabilised High Density Polyethylene and manufactured using Rotational Moulding and then injecting high performance multi compound insulation under extreme pressure to the walls and the lids of our ice boxes/coolers.

Techniice™ ice box coolers , Ice chests and Reusable Dry Ice packs are recognised around the world for their legendary ability to retain temperature in the world’s harshest climates. Techniice Products are built to full commercial specifications for transporting perishables over long distances for extended durations. Techniice™ iceboxes & Reusable dry ice packs are used by some of the world’s largest companies and government organisations including Qantas (Jet star), Meals on wheels, McDonalds, BHP, Air France and of course the Atlanta and Beijing Olympics to name a few.

Techniice started with one factory outlet in Melbourne and were despatching out of the same location , but now Techniice have several distribution centres across Australia for fast despatch to all metros including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Tasmania. Techniice use Australia Post and Toll Ipec to deliver these ice boxes, dry ice packs, portable fridge freezers and camping gear simply because they have an established distribution network to all Metro and rural areas. Delivery around Melbourne is usually 3 – 4 working days, Sydney , Adelaide and Brisbane would be around 4 -5 working days. Order online now for a Fast and Speedy delivery of your Camping Gear.