Our Beginnings:

Techniice is a Division of  Global National Australia Group of Companies which was established in 1984 and after a decade of research and development into long-lasting, reusable refrigerant technology, We released the first Techniice Reusable Dry Gel icepacks  to the world market which now  serve as a key element in the cold chain industry. The release of Techniice Icepacks have provided a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to dry ice. These Australian invented and manufactured products are exported to over 40 countries with patents pending worldwide. After capturing the market with this ground breaking product, Techniice decided to use their substantial knowledge and experience in thermal science to develop a range of highly efficient Commercial grade Ice Boxes which have become highly sought after in both local and international markets with customers which included International Airlines , Supermarket Chains and Defence Departments, etc. Across the world to name but a few. Techniice was the Supplier of Choice for both the Beijing and Atlanta Olympic Games.


About us:

As a truly Australian owned company ,Techniice Manufacture and distribute these High Performance Commercial Grade Gel packs,Ice packs,Dry ice packs,Cool boxes,Iceboxes,Portable Fridge Freezers & Cooler bags and are completely committed to better design, lower prices and continuous product development. Techniice stands alone as the supplier of the highest quality products at very competitive prices. With our Global Headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria, and our American operation based in Miami, Florida. Techniice have also made available these commercial grade High Performance products to the general public through their Factory Outlet in Frankston and deliver nationally via Australia Post/ Toll Ipec.


What this means to you?

To Put Simply - Peace Of Mind. Millions of Techniice products have been independently tested by the world’s most demanding customers and have been the product of choice above all others to some of the world's most demanding commercial and goverment customers. At Techniice, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and releasing new models and technology that set industry bench mark products. You can be sure when you purchase a Techniice Products that they are made from the FINEST materials available and come with a GUARANTEE from a company that has been in business for over 32 years .

Techniice products do much more than just excel in hot weather. These are the same boxes which are relied on to provide icy cold drinks for weary firefighters during bushfires in conditions where constant radiant heat can blister paint on trucks. Now that’s Hot! That’s what separates Techniice products from other products on the market. We invented them and we stand by them 100%.